Thunderhead Coffee is an artisan coffee roasting company located near the muddy waters and the home of the blues. Locally, we are also known as The Mississippi Coffee Company.
Our obsession. The combined experience of the Thunderhead team represents over 20 years in the coffee industry.  Our coffees go through a meticulous selection process.  We purchase the highest quality from small mountain farms and private estates.  Our team receives countless coffee harvest samples year-round.  We sample, dialogue with importers and farm owners, sample, research, sample, compare, sample—select!  Sound obsessive?  It is!  We love what we do!
Custom roasted. Fresh! That’s such a key word with coffee.  At Thunderhead, we custom roast all coffee by hand in fire drum roasters then seal in that freshness.  Every order is roasted and packaged in air-tight, one-way valve bags.  Our commitment is to provide the freshest, finest coffees available.  Hands-on, custom roasted with passion.
We care! All Thunderhead coffees come from reputable, traceable sources.  Many of our coffees are Certified Fair Trade Organic.  But we like to think that we are helping to expand the definition of “fair trade.”  We know the passionate and dedicated traders that purchase our coffees directly from the farms and we also purchase directly from farms.  We have sampled coffees with farm owners.  Since most coffees around the world come from stark poor environments, our goal is help by buying as directly as possible.

Roasting Team

Greg Jacob
ahmed othmani
Paul bonds
Nina Cole

Support Team

James Laseter
Stephen Shelley
Nathan Wade
Alex Kesner